Case Study - Plantar Fasciitis treatment

The symptoms

Jenny came to Foot Factor complaining of pain towards the back of the foot arch. On examination, we also found sensitivity at the front of the heel bone which indicated Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is a common problem, usually caused by tensions that are generated when walking or running, especially as our feet change as we age. Jenny is a regular runner and the pain and discomfort had developed over time until it hindered daily walking and sports activities.

She reported that it was particularly acute when wearing softer shoes, which is a common issue due to the shoes not providing sufficient support. Jenny’s feet were collapsing inwards (pronating) during movement, which caused stress and therefore pain in the arches as each foot takes the full weight of the body with each step.


We created bespoke orthotics, focusing particular attention on the arch to give both sufficient support but also enough flexibility to allow Jenny to run comfortably and efficiently, moulding to the flexion needed for each step.

tailor made orthotics


Jenny was delighted with the result, the pain reduced rapidly as soon as she started wearing the orthotics and disappeared completely after a couple of weeks.

She also felt she was running more dynamically with much better alignment which felt more stable and therefore safer. The orthotics provided the necessary support, eliminating stress and tension to the arch and muscles so that her feet could relax without pain.

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