Ski orthotics

Correct foot alignment within your ski-boot will be achieved with a pair of ski orthotic insoles, tailored to your needs. They will enable you to regulate your balance, distribute your weight evenly and control your skis.


Who benefits from ski orthotics & alignment?

Anyone! It has been proven to be beneficial to both the beginner who wants to improve comfort and the expert who is more concerned about speed, technique and performance. All competitive skiers use orthotic insoles for optimum alignment.

To make the orthotics and correct alignment you will need to bring:

  • your own ski boots (unless you are renting) and ski socks. Skis not required.
  • comfortable clothing or shorts (no skirts please).

We will assess your current boots and advise on how to best adapt them for your needs or offer advice should you need to buy new boots.

  • We will run through your past and present ski boot problems.
  • We will assess the biomechanics of your feet and lower limbs.
  • We will perform a computerised skiing stance foot pressure analysis.
  • Before leaving you will experience how it feels to be in harmony with your feet.
  • Ski orthotics can often the give your favourite old boots a new life on the slopes.
  • If you are renting boots then orthotics will give them a personalised fit.

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