Golf orthotics

Following his training with Biomeca-Swing at Terre Blanche (France), Norbert has gained invaluable further insights into golf and developed new Foot Factor Golf Orthotics.


Your Biomechanics and Your Feet

Your interaction with the ground is vital and will be significantly influenced by the biomechanics and stability of your feet.

The use of properly fitted orthotics/insoles in golf will align and position your feet in the optimal position, restoring your posture to guide and coordinate your best swing.

Golf shoes

Golf instructors will always remind us of the importance of building a swing ‘from the ground up’. It is an unavoidable factor that we play this game with both feet on the ground.

Your feet are the foundation of your game. You need to pin yourself to the ground.

As the only point of contact you have with the turf your feet play a vital role in anchoring and stabilising the body. They provide the necessary conditions to use the muscles in the body as a gigantic spring to create an effective coil.