Cycling orthotics

Having an orthotic/insole fitted when you're not fully weight bearing seems a strange concept, yet many cyclists benefit from them:

  • Think about the forces applied to your feet through your knees when cycling. The foot (again) has to keep-up a near perfect alignment through-out the course if we don't want the knee to bear the consequences of mal-alignment.
  • The rigidity of modern cycling shoes is there to transfer the rider's leg power to the bike.
  • The foot is a malleable structure responsible for insuring the lower limb stability and biomechanical alignment

This equation is complicated by the fact that all forces and power have to be transferred through a very small and unstable aspect of the fore foot. Only a custom moulded orthotic/insole specifically designed for cycling Can restore, strengthen and aid your natural foot function.



In practical terms, it means that if you are a climber, a sprinter, a TT specialist or a all-around cyclist the ortohtics can be adapted to your cycling style and will improve the amount of power you can transmit through your feet to the bike.


Footfactor will assess your biomechanical function and create orthotics/insoles to correct these issues leading to a smoother ride and optimum performance.