An orthotic is a shoe insert designed to restore and aid your natural foot function. This is achieved by re-aligning the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position thus allowing muscles and joints to move with less stress and tension.


Orthotics made while you wait

By moulding the orthotics directly onto your feet, optimal support, postural awareness and comfort is achieved.

The advanced technology and techniques used by Foot Factor include the production of exact footprints from thermomouldable materials. This imprint is taken in either a weight or non-weight bearing position to address your specific needs. The precision of the moulding results in the restoration of perfect plantar pressure distribution and guarantees maximum comfort.

The vast combination of materials and densities available to make Foot Factor orthotics ensures precise, specific treatment of a wide range of conditions and injuries for both everyday and specific sports footwear.

With an orthotic we can:

  • Restore your biomechanical alignment to enhance lower limb function
    and improve running/walking efficiency and economy.
  • Control over-pronation/over-supination which will treat and prevent many
    over-use injuries.
  • Treat postural problems, which may lead to muscle tension and skeletal problems.
  • Restore/improve the foots optimal arch configuration providing shock absorption.
  • For heavier individuals, orthotics will help to counteract the extra stress being placed on the feet.

Whether you have an acute or chronic sport injury or a daily walking problem, it is vital to understand your injury and address the cause of the injury not just treat the symptoms. The stress induced by a particular sport in conjunction with your individual physical characteristics are specific to you. Foot Factor's extensive sporting and medical knowledge ensures maximum understanding of these complex static and dynamic states which can cause or provoke injuries.In sports such as skiing and running, the equipment itself can play an important role in performance.

The result is the creation of an appropriate orthotic specifically for you.




Directly moulded onto your feet. The techniques used consist of making a footprint with a heat sensitive material.


The print can be made either weight or non weight- bearing for a maximum precision moulding, resulting in perfect pressure distribution.

Custom Orthotics