Semi-Custom Orthotics

We’re delighted to introduce a new, lower cost option to Foot Factor’s product range with the aim of offering custom fitted insoles to a wider audience so that having comfortable feet is an option for all.

So many clients tell us how our Bespoke Orthotics hugely improve their quality of life when they’ve previously struggled with sore feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

The Foot Factor ethos has always been about really listening to our clients, exploring their day-to-day issues and finding the best solution for them. It’s a very personal, and to some extent traditional, method where our team use expertise and experience to get to the heart of the matter – although we are, of course, assisted by some technology and hi-tec tools too.

What’s new

Our new service delivers a solution utilising specially structured, high-quality, insoles that are heat moulded to create a personalised fit. This differs from our Bespoke Orthotics which are built layer by layer from scratch. The service still includes our trademark diagnosis and evaluation, meaning that you’ll a great result at a very affordable price.

Your appointment

Your Semi-Custom orthotics appointment will take one hour and includes a full assessment with one of our skilled team. The Semi-Custom orthotics are then moulded to each individual foot to create a tailored fit to provide excellent support. You are in the workshop as they’re being made, participating at all stages. Your insoles are conveniently ready to take home at the end of your appointment!

Who’s it for

This service is suitable for all ages and ideal for those looking for cushioning and comfort, support and stability, plus shock absorption to protect your joints… but not for those who have a specific medical condition, eg a neuroma, which would require our Bespoke Orthotic solution.

They can be fitted for:

    • Everyday purposes
    • Walking & hiking
    • Leisure
    • Running
    • Golf
    • Skiing
    • Ball sports
    • School sports
    • Gym work

…and more.

It’s a winner

The excellent support provided at a lower cost makes these a winner for those on a budget, or those without a particular medical issue, for children, and for those who’d like more than one pair! A pair for everyday and a pair for your sports shoes, for example.


To find out more about this service call 020 7631 0077 or email