Assessment - Analysis

Foot Factor uses sophisticated analysis techniques to accurately asses gait. Findings from postural, video and biomechanical analyses are integrated to formulate a comprehensive picture of the causes and triggers of your injury.

The 'state-of-the-art' digital, foot scanning and video-imaging software enables Foot Factor to build a 3D picture of how your foot functions statically and dynamically, both during sporting activity and at rest. How your foot functions 'statically' is a reflection of your body's postural equilibrium and musculo-skeletal tensions, whilst the 'dynamic' foot scan will investigate the complex biomechanics of the lower limbs.

The Consultation

Speed of service is afforded through the use of cutting-edge technology and Foot Factor's unrivalled expertise, followed by the creation of high quality, thermo-moulded orthoses, specifically tailored to each individual foot, on-site.

Gait Analysis

The human eye is unable to detect most gait imbalances. By employing new technology increases the quality of evaluation significantly and enables Foot Factor to cross-reference findings with both static and mobile analysis.

Posture Analysis

Your posture will be evaluated and the underlying causes of chronic problems assessed, e.g. frequent muscle tears, muscle aches, tension headaches etc.

Mobility Evaluation

This will determine the optimal level of stimulation, inhibition or support the different parts of your foot require. Foot Factor orthoses are renowned for comfort and support, helping you to achieve optimum performance.

Static Analysis

Static plantar pressure distribution and mechanical alignment will be analysed by our medical professionals.