Assessment - Foot Scanning

Accurate assessment is important as the foot reflects your postural stance and the musculoskeletal tensions of the body. The results will indicate your foot-type (i.e. low, medium, or high-arched foot foot-type) and foot motion (supinated or pronated).

The foot is a complex structure required to absorb shock at impact and propel the body forward at toe-off. An inability to absorb shock, results in large forces being experienced by the foot and transferred up the body, causing injury. Conversely, an inability to create a ridged foot at toe-off increases the demand placed on the supporting muscles and tendons of the foot and lower limb, leaving them prone to injury.

Why should I be assessed using the Foot Scanner?

The technology used at Foot Factor provides the most comprehensive motion analysis available to date. The results of your foot scan can also be synchronised with our video gait analysis, biomechanical and postural analysis and joint movement testing, creating a detailed holistic picture of the forces acting on your feet and throughout your body.

Static Analysis

Static analysis is an assessment of your feet and posture while you are standing still. This provides information on your weight distribution and forces going through different regions of your feet. This data will help determine the positioning of your centre of gravity and possible musculo-skeletal tensions.

You will stand in a relaxed position on the force platform. The computer will then formulate a graphic image, colourfully depicting the plantar pressure distribution of both feet.

Dynamic Analysis

The dynamic analysis is an assesment of the forces which act throught different regions of your foot as you run/walk across the foot scannr. This information illustrates the function, timing and biomechanics of your foot and lower limb, which aids the diagnosis of injury.

You will be asked to run/walk up to and across the force platform, one foot will hit the platform. Efforts must be made to ensure that your gait is natural or 'normal' to you. Once again, the computer formulates a graphical and numerical representation of the dynamic behaviour of your foot. This will be analysed by a Foot Factor consultant.

Assessment - Foot Scanning

Foot Scanner

Foot Scanner


Foot scan

Static Analysis - Thermal Image


Dynamic Analysis - Thermal Image