We are always pleased to receive feedback from our clients, it informs our work and confirms our effectiveness and can also give us the opportunity to fine tune and tweak any issues. Here are just some of our success stories:


For the past six years I have worn Foot Factor orthotic insoles on expeditions to some of the most remote places on Earth. I am convinced that my insoles have contributed significantly to the reduction in foot and knee pain that I previously suffered from during these types of multi-week journeys.

Paul Deegan - Author and public speaker

My sincere gratitude for the help you have given me in being able to walk normally once again after 3 years of pain. The thorough analysis you carried out and the hand crafted shoe in-soles you made up have ensured that I have regained full mobility and am free of pain.

Martin Swerdlow

Norbert Cauvas is a top class Orthesiste who I have worked alongside with for many years. He has huge experience in assessing problems with gait and in constructing appropriate insoles. I highly recommend him.

Dr Huw Lewis Clarke Beynon BSc MD FRCP - Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist

The minute I started running in the new orthotics my niggling knee pain disappeared and hasn't come back. Yesterday I ran 56km in training - without any knee pain - and today I'm barely aware of having done so and have minimal aches and pains. So thank you very, very much for sorting out my knee - and for my lucky insoles! They really have made running a pleasure again.

Lisa Jackson - (formerly of Zest magazine)

The extra-strength orthotics that you made for my feet worked absolute miracles on my legs. The pain disappeared immediately, and I did not experience any knee pain at all in over 5 marathons-worth of distance. I am completely certain that it was the orthotic products that you provided me with that made this enormous difference. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for turning a potential nightmare into an enjoyable experience!


I went to see a knee doctor who told me I must stop exercising and come back in 10 years for new knees. Then fortunately someone recommended me to Foot Factor. Instead of solely looking at my knees they looked also at my posture and my feet and recommended orthotics. I have been running 25 minutes - 5 times a week - with no after effects and no hobbling.