Orthotics for sports

…what an exciting summer of sports!

This summer we’ve been completely immersed in a veritable feast of sports. We British are a nation of sports lovers and who can blame us? There have been so many events to look forward to providing entertainment, a welcome distraction from global woes and most importantly something to get excited about and cheer for.

All culminating, of course, in the Tokyo Olympics. So, this month we look at what it takes to make a European/World Champion or Olympian.

Training to perfection

These days, our athletes are supremely honed in every possible way; from the detailed structure of training routines, to diet, hydration, supplementary therapies, massage, meditation and mental strength, right down to sleeping patterns. Every possible aspect is considered, measured and fine-tuned to ensure that they hit that peak on the day.

Quality of equipment

Having the right kit is essential. For some sports, it’s a matter of specific footwear, orthotics, and technical clothing. For others there’s a substantial investment in mechanical equipment and tools for the sport: just think about those equestrian horses, racing bikes, rowing boats, rackets, hockey sticks etc… The right equipment is a key part of the elite-athlete equation and can make all the difference.
bespoke cycle orthotics for alignment

Biomechanics and the science of movement

Impeccable fitness and efficient movement patterns are at the core of every sportsperson. To perform to their best they need to be functioning physically at their optimum.

Biomechanical analysis gives expert insight into what is working well… and also what is not. Many an athlete has benefitted from this process to not only enhance performance but help avoid injury too.

The role of orthotics in sports

As biomechanical analysis reveals imbalances, so orthotics help to correct them. Having bespoke orthotics provides an important layer of customisation to the athlete, to ensure that their body is in alignment from the ground up.

This is beneficial for everyone – not just our top athletes.

Besides crafting bespoke orthotics for teams and individuals, we have created cycling orthotics for a Giro D’Italia winner and Team GB Cyclist.

When it all comes together

The outcome of this level of preparation, plus absolute commitment and dedication from the athletes themselves, delivers the magic that we see in sports arenas and on TV. It’s absolutely thrilling and uplifting to see the very pinnacle of sports talent and ability play out before our eyes, evoking every emotion you can imagine! Anticipation, tension, tears, joy, and sometimes frustration too, sports can have us right on the edge of our seats.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Even though there have been setbacks not least a year of lockdowns and cancellations, Tokyo is once again showing the power of sport. It has been a joy to watch Team GB giving it their all and bring home the medals. We never tire of enjoying and following our favourite sports and seeing the improvements as scores, personal bests and world records continue to be surpassed. Long may it continue!

Not just for the elite!

Improved alignment and performance is not just for the elite, you too can benefit from biomechanical analysis and bespoke orthotics.

Whether you enjoy walking and hiking, you’re a runner, cyclist, or golfer we can apply the same principles to you. In fact, Foot Factor Podiatrist, Matthew Collison, is himself a keen triathlete. We also see real improvements and gains for racket sports players – tennis, badminton and squash – and ball sports such as football, basketball and basically any sport where you’re on your feet and wearing sports shoes.

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