hyperpronation12The connection between feet and posture does not receive major emphasis in medical education. Generally, the impact of the foot foundation continues to be overlooked.

Hyper pronationHyperpronation causes an internal rotation of the lower extremities. If one foot hyperpronates more than the other, the asymmetrical internal leg rotation causes colatteral hip to be pulled forward and down more than the other causing an un-leveled pelvis and a functional leg length discrepancy.

As these displacements cascade up the axial framework, scoliotic and kyphotic curves are exaggerated. The thoracic cage usually twists, one shoulder usually protracts more than the other, and the opposite shoulder drops. The head moves anteriorly causing a neck over-loading.

This gravity induced collapse as significant health consequences. These changes also result in an anterior shift in the body’s center of gravity which causes an increased load on the forefoot and increased muscular activity of the back muscles to maintain balance and stability.