Knee Pain (patellofemoral pain)

The symptoms

Marc complained about pain to the front of the knee both during and after running and when walking up and downstairs. This is a very common complaint often referred to as ‘runners knee’.

Patellofemoral Syndrome pain (the medical name for knee pain)

The pain is located at the front of the knee, under the kneecap or within the knee joint line, on the inside of the knee. It affects people of all genders and ages.

In this case, on examination, as Marc ran his feet were collapsing causing, pronation (ankles rolling inwards), making the knee unstable when all the weight is applied to one leg. This action was putting strain on the leg muscles and pulling the kneecap out of alignment, which in turn was causing inflammation and pain.


The answer here was to improve stability. To stabilise the knee, we need to support/stabilise the feet with a FootFactor custom-made Sport Orthotic.

This kind of support will make the knees stronger, steadier, and help to maintain the correct alignment of the knee joint making movement more efficient and removing the potential for friction and pain.

FootFactor custom-made Sport Orthotic


Marc quickly felt the benefit of his new orthotics (improvement can generally be felt instantly or within a few days of use). The new found support provided a firmer ‘ride’ when running and prevented the original ankle rolling. The pain ceased and Marc felt that his running improved both in terms of speed and form.

Don’t forget

You also need adequate running shoes for maximum benefit and to protect your body. Running shoes should be replaced every 800km or 3 years as the sole materials begin to compress and break down and cease to provide the same cushioning or support.

Foot Factor orthotics will last for many kilometres and can be used in all shoes.

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Foot Factor Bespoke Orthotics can help:

  •   Achilles Tendinopathy
  •   Arthritis
  •   Bunions
  •   Morton’s Neuroma
  •   Numb feet
  •   Over pronation
  •   Shin Splints
  •   Sciatica
  •   General foot pain
  •   Knee pain
  •   Hip pain
  •   Lower back pain
  •   Upper back and neck pain