Are you struggling along with foot pain that could be resolved?
Want to look forward to 2021 with a renewed spring in your step?

Mobility is a given, it’s a natural and necessary part of life, yet our poor old feet are often taken for granted.

We walk, take the stairs, run, play tennis, dance, lunge, leap and generally move around all day long without much thought for our two personal platforms…until we hit a problem.

Whether it’s a painful bunion, arthritis, achilles strain, an injury such as a sprain or fracture, or simple wear and tear, our feet are subject to all kinds of impacts that can take their toll over time. In turn, this reduces mobility and movement, impedes sports performance and can become a shackle, gradually creeping up on us and reducing quality of life – quite unnecessarily.

Let’s take a look at your feet

Foot bones

If you’ve ever googled the foot structure, you’ll have seen the complexity of bones that make up the feet.There’s a total of 26 bones, so quite frankly there’s a lot going on there and it’s easy to see how this marvel of engineering and function can wind up in difficulty.

Plus, as we age, we experience natural changes in our feet which also impact on foot comfort, strength and flexibility.


Look out for the knock on effects – foot issues can lead to posture issues

Once our feet are experiencing difficulty, weakness or strain, those effects can be transmitted up the body leading to further unanticipated (and often mis-diagnosed) problems such as:
  • Ankle pain and rolling over onto the side of the foot
  • Knee pain front, side or back
  • Hip pain
  • Lower back pain

And also give rise to injuries such as:

  • Calf strains
  • ITB syndrome
  • Tight piriformis (a genuine pain in the butt)
  • Sciatica

… and the list goes on.

Finding solutions and relief

At Foot Factor we see and treat clients with all kinds of niggles, issues and injuries on a wide spectrum, that arise from problem feet. Both Norbert and Christophe have years of experience analysing and getting to the heart of foot and foot-related pain and discomfort. We take pleasure from helping long-suffering people to find relief – and inspiration – via a detailed full body (and fully clothed) observation; head to toe … or toe to head actually!

From the moment you step into our consulting room, we’re on the case, watching your movement patterns and noticing a tilt or a biomechanical trait that shows the misalignment of a foot, a lower limb not functioning correctly or over-compensating for a weakness elsewhere. Our detailed dialogue with you will uncover the causes behind the problem and enable us to pinpoint and resolve the specific issue leading to answers.

Good foundations for the future

Surprisingly the root of a myriad of problems actually start with your feet. If you get the foundations right and straighten out the upward transmission of forces through the body, so things start to realign and with that comes improvements, pain reduction or elimination and a renewed joy of walking, sports and physical activities.

If you or a loved one are struggling along with pain, limitations or ongoing discomfort, why not book yourself in for an appointment – call 020 7631 0077 or email